Friday, November 20, 2009

Fishing Report on Watts Bar Lake

The surface temperature is near 60 degrees.

Crappie are being targeted along blow downs, bluff walls and near piers. Jigs and minnows are equal opportunity baits. Some large crappie are being caught.

Catfish are being caught by those drifting in the main channel. All the normal baits associated with cat fishing are being used. Shad is the best bait for the larger fish.

Some stripers are being caught in the main channel. A few are being caught in the larger creeks. The river fishing is difficult due to the heavy current. Top water lures, jigs, spoons and shad are the more popular baits being used by striper anglers.

Bass are being caught along main lake points and in shallow bay areas. The bass are being caught in the bay water areas near schools of shad. Nearly all types of lures are being used to catch bass.

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